Sajek Valley Tourist Spots In Clouds

Sajek Valley Tourist Spots is a place from where you can see different forms of nature on the same day. It was very early in the morning in The Ruilui neighborhood of Sajek. You may feel like it’s a winter morning fog, but no it’s a cloud. The morning is all covered with clouds.

We’re walking over the clouds. The whole mountain, the road is covered. These cold cold clouds can be touched by hand, felt closely. It is not possible to understand when time will pass to see this beauty. Sajek is called the kingdom of clouds because of such experience.

Sajek, Bangladesh

Sajek valley is located in Baghaichari upazila of Rangamati district. It is the largest union in Bangladesh. Its height is 1800 feet above sea level. Although its location is rangamati, it has to go to Sajek via Khagrachari for geographical reasons. Its distance from Khagrachari is 70 km. The distance from Dighinala is 40 km.


To the north of Sajek is the state of Tripura in India and to the east is the state of Mizoram in India. Sajek is between the two states. The entire area of Sajek belongs to the Bangladesh Army and is the highest army camp in Bangladesh.

Dhaka to Rangamati

Our journey from Dhaka Kalabagan bus terminal started at 11 pm and the day was Monday, December 24. We have to go from Dhaka to Khagrachari first to go to Sajek valley. The rest of the road from Khagrachari has to go by Chand’s car. We left around 11 pm but it was about 4 am to reach Our Comilla. We had to sit in the jam for a long time. There were terrible jams from Dhaka Kanchpur to Meghna Bridge.

It usually takes 2 hours to reach Comilla from Dhaka and we took about 5 hours. However, after reaching Comilla, our job is to have a light breakfast now. Generally, the highway restaurants in Comilla are priced very high. Heavy foods, in particular, are priced in excess. So when you come to these hotels, you must get an idea about the price before ordering.


The next morning I woke up and saw our car sinking into the zigzag hills of Khagrachari. I can’t specify how much is above the plane. But I feel like going over a lot. Looking down, I can see many mountains, big and small. Now it’s 6.30 am. I got about 2 hours of sleep in the bus but it was so cold in the bus that I couldn’t sleep. 

On the way to Khagrachari, it seemed as if someone had cut down the mountains and arranged roads here centuries ago, it was really amazing. And as we walked along this road, it seemed as if our car was swinging on both sides, just as the boat was swinging on both sides. The condition of the road is zigzag but the quality of the road is very good. There was no broken one anywhere.

At 8.30 a.m., I reached Khagrachari, without a jam, I could have reached it at 7 a.m. If you want to come here, you must miss a lot if you don’t have to follow the time.

Sajek valley from Khagrachari

We are now going from Khagrachari to Baghaihat army camp. Anyway, we have to get there by 10 am. Because the rest of the road to Baghaihat has to be made to the army Scott. Army Scott is available 2 times a day once at 10 am and once at 3.30 pm.

If you somehow miss the morning scott, you’ll need to wait again for 3.50 pm. You will not be allowed to go in any way without an army Scott. The whole road will take you to give you an army guard. So that you don’t have any problems with the hills and there will be no problems.

That’s why time is the most important thing. It takes about an hour and a half to get from Khagrachari to Baghaihat. Now it’s 9 am and we have only 1 hour. That’s why you have to reach 10 anyway. I finished the morning road on my way to Baghaihat. 

I had to get permission from the dighinala army camp. But now all the work is done in the Baghaihat Army Camp. After coming here, all the information has to be given to the army and they are the ones who take it away with safety. 

Training has to be taken to drive on Pahari zigzag road. The journey started towards Maslang Bazaar, the latest market to go to Sajek.

Kanglak Hills

Time goes to 3 pm in Kanglak Hills. The Kanglak hills are a part of Sajek. On top of this hill is a small village called Kanglak. Sajek consists of Kanglak and Ruilui neighbourhoods. It takes 40 minutes to walk to The Kanglak Hills and 20 minutes to get to Chand’s car. During the rainy season, you have to walk through the hilly roads to the Kanglak hills. The Kanglak waterfall is seen during the monsoon. The sun and sunset can be seen very closely from the Kanglak hills.


I have crossed the hilly high and low roads and come to this hill. There are also hill yaadi houses and a few shops. The whole place is far above the plains, surrounded by mountains and floating clouds.

Kamalak Waterfall/Pidam Taisa

I left for Kamalak Waterfall in the afternoon. This waterfall is far below the hill. I’m running towards Mizoram with a zigzag road and sticks in my hand, and because of the huge vegetation, I have to make my own way. I’m finally coming to The Aparup Kamalak Waterfall. This waterfall has impressed the mind. Green all around and waterfalls in the middle. It’s not like expressing it by word of mouth. 

Festive Night Decorations Of Sajek Valley

The joy of Sajek’s night is very grand. The stars and moons in the sky are a little above the head. There is a Christian church on the right side of the hand, where Christmas celebrations are going on today. Left is a festival of flying lanterns from the helipad. Chicken barbecues are taking place elsewhere and a campfire is burning. Tea in the night chat, songs in mountain voices, poems and more. Bamboo chicken is the traditional popular food of the hills.

Sajek valley Resort

Sajek valley’s most attractive and popular resort is called Meghpunji Resort. There are four cottages called Tarasha, Purvasha, Rodela and Meghla. Megh Machang Resort is located in the Ruilui neighbourhood for beautiful views. The resort has a total of 5 types of cottages in Wooden and Bamboo. 

There are Adrika Eco Cottages for open space. The Jumghar Eco Resort behind the Ruilui Para Club House is famous for its aesthetic presentation. On the other hand, the Madventure Resort is located with three Tea McView points.


Sampari Resort is a popular resort for young young people. The Sampari resort has a variety of rooms such as honeymoon, couple, family or group etc. Another Beautiful Like Manpura.

There are also Trinity Resort, Chayanir Eco Resort, TGB Lusai Cottage, Moon House Resort, Lakshman Cottage Salka, Ruilui Resort, Resort Rungrang, Sumui Eco Cottage, Meghadri Eco Resort, Garba Resort, Cloud Poetry, Cricket Poker House, Sajek Lachi, Rock Paradise and Vacation Resort.

Meghpunji Resort is one of the places in Sajek Valley. Green grass-wrapped spaces, bamboo bridges, and small houses made of art, clouds floating by.

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